Industrial Networks

Siemens Profibus / Profinet /Industrial Ethernet


For process and field communication in cell networks with a small number of stations and with field devices and for data communication acc. to IEC 61 158/EN 50 170. offers openness for interfacing to standardized non-Siemens components, PROFIBUS – the field bus standard in production and process engineering comprises: Specification of the standards for the physical characteristics of the bus and the access procedure specification of the user protocol and the user interface. Process or field communication PROFIBUS DP for fast, cyclic data exchange with field devices.  PROFIBUS PA for applications in process automation and in the intrinsically safe area


Siemens PROFINET is the innovative and open Industrial Ethernet standard (IEC 61158/61784) for industrial automation. With PROFINET, devices can be linked up from the field level through to the management level. PROFINET enables system-wide communication, supports plant-wide engineering and uses the IT standards right down to the field level. Field bus systems such as PROFIBUS can be easily integrated without any changes to existing devices. PROFINET takes account of the following aspects:

Industrial Ethernet Switching

Industrial Ethernet Switches are active network components that support the different network topologies.
Networks can be constructed with switches in electrical and - or optical line, star, ring and meshed topologies.
SIMATIC NET offers the right Industrial Ethernet switch for every application.

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